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ACCA results day - 1 August

Students will be receiving their June results on Saturday. Their next big decision - do they resit in September? ... [More»]

Landmark changes for small business

FRC introduces a new FRC for micro-entities. Baker Tilly's Danielle Stewart calls the changes a 'landmark' ... [More»]

IFRS 15 deferral

IASB proposes clarifications to revenue standard ... [More»]

Personal bankruptcies fall

Personal bankruptcies have fallen to their lowest level in a decade ... [More»]

Why men choose accountancy

Men go into accountancy because they think they are much better at maths than they really are! ... [More»]

Feeling stressed? stroke a puppy!

If revision is getting you stressed then you don’t need to turn to drink, drugs and copious amounts of caffeine. ... [More»]

BPP Professional Education seeks top tutors

Top College BPP Professional Education is looking for skilled and dedicated accountancy and tax tutors to join its colleges in London, Birmingham and Reading. ... [More»]

ICAEW chooses e-assessment providers

Learndirect and RM Results have been selected as preferred suppliers to deliver the ICAEW’s computer-based exams. ... [More»]

Is cheating now endemic?

Will the accountancy profession of the future be filled with exam and drug cheats? ... [More»]

The diversity deficit ‘will harm business’

A lack of ethnic diversity in Britain’s top firms could put UK companies at a serious disadvantage in both domestic and global markets, says a new report commissioned by recruitment firm Green Park. ... [More»]

You can’t beat a good book

Young people undoubtedly love their smartphones, online video and mobile gaming. ... [More»]

BPP Professional Education seeks top tutors

Top College BPP Professional Education is looking for skilled and dedicated accountancy and tax tutors to join its colleges in London, Birmingham and Reading. ... [More»]

First Intuition is growing

First Intuition is set to add two new centres to its portfolio. ... [More»]

Half of all student accountants are women

The accountancy profession continues to attract large numbers of female part qualified accountants and for the first time the profession achieved a 50/50 gender split, according to the Financial Reporting Council’s (FRC) latest facts and trends survey. ... [More»]

Budget July 2015 – a summary

Chancellor George Osborne delivered the first Conservative Budget for 18 years this week. Describing it as a “Budget for working people” and a “one-nation Budget”, the Chancellor said the Government’s wanted to recognise “the hard work and sacrifices of the British people”. ... [More»]

More Budget feedback...

With the help of Stephen Hemmings of Menzies we take a more in-depth look at AIA and purchsaed goodwill ... [More»]

Dividends v salary

Chancellor George Osborne unveiled a major overhaul to the treatment of dividends in his Summer Budget ... [More»]

Managing cash flows

Larger companies face a £7.6bn hit on cash flows as Chancellor brings forward corporation tax deadlines ... [More»]

ACCA June exam feedback - paper-by-paper

Our friends at BPP provide in-depth analysis of every June exam paper - in our study zone ... [More»]

Paying Living Wage makes economic sense

Research from KPMG is helping to make the economic argument for the Living Wage ... [More»]

Glory Soccer Club - SICS pre-seen is out

CIMA's Strategic case study pre-seen for August has been released - the football season starts early for you! ... [More»]

Barclays appoints KPMG

Barclays decides to change auditor after 120 years! ... [More»]

One delegate needed

Competition launched to find One Young CA for global leadership summit ... [More»]

How do you control the Chinese stock market?

Chinese stocks have slumped by nearly 30% since mid-June. How can regulators head off a full-blown crash? ... [More»]

Deloitte quits as Rangers auditor after 'threats'

Deloitte has resigned as auditor of Rangers FC after staff received threats ... [More»]

CIMA case study pass rate rise

May's case student pass rates make much better reading! Here they are... ... [More»]

Welsh scholarship up for grabs for AAT student

Now Careers and the University of South Wales, Newport City Campus offer oner lucky AAT the chance to become ACCA qualified ... [More»]

Feedback on June's 'disappointing' P3 ACCA test

Top tutors at LSBF give their insight into what was a problematic June P3 sitting ... [More»]

John Lewis to charge for click and collect

John Lewis is adding a fee to all click and collect orders under £30 ... [More»]

CIMA August case study pre-seens are out

One is 15 pages long the other 23. The operational and management case studies have been published! ... [More»]

Price Bailey offers staff shares

Accountancy firm offers all 300 staff 25,000 shares in the firm ... [More»]

HMRC answers just 73% of calls

Something had to be done! Now £45m is being spent to provide taxpayers with a better service ... [More»]

Tax quango needs real teeth

The Office of Tax Simplification needs real teeth to do its job property, says Andrew Tyrie ... [More»]


Two of the most renown tutors 'in the world' review the June P2 paper ... [More»]

Amazon to challenge high street banks?

Amazon announces a UK small business lending arm ... [More»]

CIMA OTs are out

CIMA releases the OT pass rates for the first five months of the new syllabus  ... [More»]

Your free company data service

Companies House launches new service that allows everyone to access all its data! ... [More»]

The June ACCA P6 exam - easy or hard?

Our friends at First Intuition provide expert feedback on the June P6 paper. There will be more in every paper in the August issue! ... [More»]

Was F7 the hardest ACCA paper this June?

This June's F7 paper was one of the hardest in recent years. here's what one top tutors says about the exam... ... [More»]

Watchdog probes KPMG's bank audit

The FRC has announced an investigation into KPMG in connection with the Bank of New York Mellon's compliance with the FSA's client asset rules ... [More»]

Latest PQ magazine our 150th!

PQ magazine is celebrating its 150th issue - remember it is free to subscribe to this award winning magazine ... [More»]

You can't scare bankers to do the right thing

Rule enforcement systems can actually create the behaviour they are trying to avoid, says a new report. Instead you need to generate excitement about winning, rather than the fear of losing! ... [More»]

CIMA elects second-ever female president

Myriam Madden is the new CIMA president. She is only the second woman ever to be elected to this top honour ... [More»]

ACCA Statement: Publishing past exams F5 to F9

The ACCA confirms that it will NOT be reproducing MCQ sections in future for F5, F6, F7, F8 and F9 ... [More»]

CIMA Strategic Case Study Giveaway!

You still have time to enter this great giveaway - courtesy of Reed Business School ... [More»]

Be a giveaway winner

There are always lots of giveaways in PQ magazine! So who won our recent prizes? ... [More»]

Welcome to the new world of HMRC 'lite'

HMRC promises to take a more realistic 'proportionate' approach when it comes to fines ... [More»]

ACCA marches ever closer to 200,000 members!

The ACCA has released its member and student numbers for the year, and they make impressive reading! ... [More»]

Accountant jailed for £6m fraud

Accountant Johannes Franken is jailed for stealing £6m from BMW-Mini ... [More»]

Section A added to ACCA F papers

The ACCA has now added the section A June questions, although the whole of F9 paper wasn't there when we visited! ... [More»]

Where are the 'blacklisted' tax havens?

The European Commission names its 'blacklist' of the world's major tax havens, and a quarter are linked to UK! ... [More»]

Class ceiling debate hots up

Are you 'polished' or 'posh' enough to work at the big accountancy firms? ... [More»]

Apprenticeships to receive legal protection

Apprenticeships will be treated the same as degrees under new law ... [More»]

CIMA F3/P3 update

So, where are we now in the saga that is the CIMA F3/P3 reassessments ... [More»]

Provisional members charged

Two trainees have been disciplined by the ICAEW ... [More»]

Do you pass the 'poshness test'?

Elite accountancy firms have been accused of requiring applicants to pass a 'poshness 'test' to get a job ... [More»]

Where are the ACCA June exam questions?

The ACCA only published the section B questions for the June F papers - but has apparently promised the MCQs are coming Monday! ... [More»]

CIMA PQs receive new P3 & F3 results

The results of CIMA’s reassessment of all F3 and P3 ‘failed’ exams has been completed, and emails have been sent out today! ... [More»]

Baker Tilly to become RSM!

Baker Tilly is changing its name to RSM ... [More»]

Tax case gets Messi for Lionel

Footballer Lionel Messi will have to stand trial for alleged tax fraud, after second appeal fails ... [More»]

Drawing a line under the banking crisis?

Chancellor George Osborne wants to 'cut and run' when it comes to our 79% stake in RBS. Is it the right decision? ... [More»]


How did P2 go for ACCA June sitters? ... [More»]

ACCA pays tribute to 1st female President

Tributes have been paid by ACCA to Vera Di Palma its first female President, who died recently ... [More»]


How was P3 this June? The usual time pressured test it appears! ... [More»]

Should mobiles be banned from classroom?

If you want to guarantee success in the exam hall then you need to put your mobile phone down! ... [More»]

HSBC to cut 8,000 jobs in UK

HSBC announces job cuts and a rebranding of its high street branches ... [More»]


So how did F9 and P6 go? here's what some sitters thought... ... [More»]

Football gets tougher on insolvency

The Football League increases the punishment on clubs going into administration ... [More»]

New certified internal auditor exam launched

ACCA and IIA join forces to offer certified internal auditor (CIA) challenge exam to members ... [More»]


What did F8 & P5 sitters think of the June tests? ... [More»]

John Lewis hires KPMG

John Lewis changes PwC for KPMG ... [More»]

Financial staff need more training

FRC says more focussed training of finance staff is needed to improve the reporting of smaller quoted companies ... [More»]


F7 seems to have been 'harder than normal', how was it for you... ... [More»]


How did F6 and P4 go? One good one bad we suggest! ... [More»]

FIFA - where were the accountants & auditors?

It was a question that was bound to come - what were the accountants doing while FIFA was surrounded by a cloud of corruption ... [More»]

What CIMA told its F3 and P3 students

We reproduce the letter sent to all CIMA students who have sat P3 and F3 ... [More»]


What did PQs think of the F5 and P7 June exams? ... [More»]

Bogus student websites to be ‘closed down’

The new university minister, Jo Johnson, announces a crackdown on bogus student websites ... [More»]

CIMA to remark all F3 and P3 OTs

CIMA announces it will remark all the P3 and F3 OT exams taken since January 2015. The 'new' results will be announced on 11 June ... [More»]

Don’t just spill ink

If you want to pass the ACCA exams then it's a matter of quality not quantity, says examiner! ... [More»]

Pay attention if you want to pass ACCA P6

The P6 examiner sets out what you need to do to get a pass ... [More»]

CIMA exam results explained

CIMA’s Steve Flatman and Peter Stewart have joined forces to help explain how the new CIMA exam results ‘work’ on You Tube ... [More»]
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