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07 June 2016


Apart from a lack of time and some tricky MCQs most PQs seem happy with the June F8 exam. Section B was ‘quite straightforward’.

A few students commented that they actually managed to finish this time around.

One interesting complaint (on Open Tuition) was the ACCA’s use of long over-complicated names in the questions. Why use ‘Lemon Quartz’ and ‘Amerite’? This sitter just asked ACCA to please keep it simple. Maybe company A would be better!

Sitters really felt the time pressures this June. But, many are aware that success will depend on how disciplined they are in the exam hall. Spending too long on Q1 can be fatal.

One PQ was surprised by the lack of PFI and due diligence, for them it was an ‘unexpected paper’. Others thought Q2 was the easy question.

There was also a discussion on how many pages make a good exam answer. Do you really need to fill 23 pages in the answer booklet to get a pass?

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