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KPMG takes transparent approach

02 March 2017

KPMG has published its workforce data outlining the socio-economic make-up of the firm.

It is the first business in the UK to publish such comprehensive data, which measures employees’ parental occupation and education and type of school employees attended.

KPMG also shared graduate and school leaver data from the past three years.
The stats reveal that the vast majority of workforce, 74% of respondents, had a state school education. Some 60% attended a non-selective state school and 14% attended a selective state school. Some 23% of the workforce went to a private school.

Of around 1,000 graduates and school leavers to join the firm in 2016, 11% and 18% respectively had been eligible for Free School Meals.

KPMG’s Melanie Richards said: “When we talk about diversity, people immediately think of gender or race, but social background is equally as important. Professional services firms have often been cited as bastions of the so called social elite and it’s important we consign this stereotype to the past.”

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