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ACCA December exam feedback

09 December 2016

Here's our feedback to date for the December exam sitting with some tweets and Facebook comments for sitters thrown in.

PQ magazine said: Were the MCQs ‘the worse set ever’? A much harder test than September, according to many resitters.
“Ahhhh, finally someone said it.”
“For all exams I see moaners, stop moaning and get through! It was never meant to be easy!”
“F5 will always be like that.”
“Definitely yes.”
“ This is so true.”
“I actually enjoyed the September F5 paper as a mock exam. December’s was hard - it lacked variety. Will be interesting to see the pass rate.”
“F5 was horrendous, by far the worse exam to date!”

PQ magazine said: Many sitters felt it was a very different style exam. Two 15-mark questions! Q31 & CGT was ‘a bit hectic’.

PQ magazine said: Felt easier than September paper for many resitters. One worry was the amount of C answers in the MCQs.
“I don’t even know what I was doing in the hall and some people said it was easy.”
“F7 seemed OK! MCQ was a lot of C;’s mainly.”
“I thought F7 MCQs were hard and MCQs are normally my strong point.”
“This is so true.”
“OMG true trueee!!!!lots of Cs made me wonder.”

PQ magazine said: general feedback is that this exam was pretty fair. Some even said the MCQs were ‘quite easy’.
“It’s only easy if you know it.”

PQ magazine said: OK, but sitters not sure where the examiner finds those MCQs! Many felt they were just too random.
“Found F9 tough today. MCQs much tougher than Sept 16 in my humble opinion.”
“F9 MCQs were the trickiest I have faced in my ACCA history.”
“F9 MCQs were a nightmare.”

PQ magazine said: Q1 was brutal and Q4 confusing. Many sitters admitted they struggled to write a letter to shareholders – for 18 marks too!
“Brutal – yes indeed it was.”
“Yep me too. Shocker of a paper – one question felt like a and b were asking the same thing.” That is Q4!

PQ magazine said: “Q1 was SPLOCI and not a balance sheet. PQs like a b/s.! Q3 was IFRS 13 – did you read the article released on 2 December?
“Nice timing by the ACCA.”
“IFRS 13 in Q3 part a and b was OK I thought, part C on intangible/development costs/IAS 36.”
“Q3 was almost all about IFRS 13. That article update was a good Christmas present.”
“Very cheeky of ACCA! It was a horrible question!”

PQ magazine said: Overall feedback is that t was a fair test. No-one liked the NPV question, with many admitting they struggled with Q1
“Curious to know what everyone thinks of P3. I had a good stare at Q1 and decided to do section B first to stop panicking.”

PQ magazine said: All fine here! Not a hard in any way, said one PQ. Extra 20 minutes might help though.
“P4 was tough today. Part A was cruelty designed by the examiner to make life difficult for sitters.”
“Exam wasn’t too hard. Just like 20-25 minutes more to provide a decent answer.”
“P4 was tough today. Part A was cruelty designed by the examiner to make life difficult for sitters.”

PQ magazine said: Seemed Ok. One sitter felt it was ‘suspiciously easy’. PQs even left the exam hall with a smile on their face!

PQ magazine said: The big gripe here was the wording of some of the questions – so annoying! Sitters struggled to understand what is wanted.
“First time sitting P6. Got a feeling I will be sitting again. I found Q1 confusing in wording and overall exam didn’t have much calculation marks.”

PQ magazine said: Real outcry over the time pressure this time around. Some sitters say the pressure is ‘Just crazy’.
“3 hours 15 minutes looked like seconds and it was time up.”
“Really difficult exam and time didn’t help either. Was much harder than I anticipated.”
“It is quite different compared to past year questions :( ”

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