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ACCA EXAMS – Day Three

09 June 2016


This June’s sitters were left confused after the exam, with many believing there had been a switch of examiner! The questions seem uncomplicated and in a first one PQ even called the exam ‘decent’.

Students now hope they can pass P5 while the examiner is on holiday!

If you knew your professional ethical principles then this paper was a breeze, said candidates. This didn’t make them happy, however. Many students felt they were forced to use common sense rather than all the knowledge they had learnt!

“I wasted hours revising for things that didn’t come up,” one PQ told us.

The MCQ were deemed ‘the hardest ever’ according to some sitters, admitting they were left guessing many of the answers.

Overall The June sitting was felt to be a tough one. There were no complaints about the ABC question (Q3). But students said this was the only ‘familiar’ question on the paper.

It was then a toss up between Q4 and Q5 for the hardest question on the paper. For one student it was definitely Q5:

“That decision making question was like something I have never seen before!”

The paper left many students speechless.

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