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08 June 2016


The long-awaited cash flow question finally appeared. Tough and a bit on the ‘mean’ side, is how one PQ described it.

Another student admitted she was secretly hoping it would come up!
Still you could have been the student who was given the wrong variant by the invigilator and didn’t realise until one-and-a-half hours into the exam. She should have been sitting P2 UK, and instead found herself answering the international variant. A mitigating circumstances form has been sent.

Many PQs also admitted they made a bit of a mess of the football question – Q3. Sitters wondered if the examiner was dreaming of the upcoming Euro Football Tournament. As one student told PQ: “Why doesn’t the examiner just keep it simple?”

Sitters generally thought the MCQs were manageable. They got a lot of Bs this time around, in fact some got three in a row!

The 30 markers single entity question was a cert this time around, according to another PQ. The examiner has apparently set a pattern: March 2016 had a big consolidation question, December 2015 had as single entity question, in September 2015 the examiner went for a consolidation question, and June 2015 it was single entity. The worry is that now they know they might not opt for a consolidation question come September 2016!

Students also said they found Q3 was ‘tricky’ and ‘’quite difficult’. One F7 candidates just felt they had spent too long on it!

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