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14 March 2017


The MCQs were ‘so damn difficult’. Many agreed: “I struggled with MCQs,” “The MCQs were too challenging.” Others believe the exams are getting harder. Another sitter admitted they spent so long on them they almost didn’t have time to work on the written part!

Another ‘passable‘ exam. However, the MCQs threw some - felt the MCQs had gone like the F5 ones – tricky then!
Generally felt to be tougher than previous tests.

Most sitter felt this Spring’s test was ‘pretty fair’. The big split was whether Q31 was tricky or OK!
Students said that most of the core topics were tested so they couldn’t have any complaints.
Students are realising that if they sit CBEs then they won’t be sitting the same exam. The am and pm exams are different, so it is going to be harder to have a chat about that shared experience!

F8 was ‘very passable”. However, some sitters it seems would still like 4 hours to complete the exam! The time needed by candidates seems to just keep going up. “I only had 10 minutes for the last question,” explained one sitter. The worry is that they didn’t even have time to read the scenario, so just gave some general ‘responses’!

MCQs were ‘too tricky’ for some. One sitter thought there was too much theory and not enough calculation – you love those calculators!
The long questions were on NPV and WACC, with discussion on debt/equity. No cash cycle or working capital management.
This exam is still a time stressed test for many sitters. Was there a stronger focus on risk and less on ethics this time?

This was ‘a nice exam” apparently! Q1 was fairly straightforward, although the rest of the paper was tougher. But generally this was felt to be a fair test.

‘Tough & long’. Q1 was easy this time though, better than December and September’s exam.

A hard paper – “of all the papers I have ever sat this is the hardest”. Sitters felt Q1 was pretty loaded, with too many things to sort out. As one PQ said: “ A 50-marker on restructuring and reverse takeovers – give me a break, and then we got currency swaps!”
The big moan here was the paper bore no resemblance to recent past papers.
Another described the exam simply as “argh”. Many Sitters were urging you give ACCA direct feedback via the exam survey.

Q1 was very ‘do-able’, but time management was a problem. One sitter explained they had passed all 13 previous ACCA exams first-time – but not this one!

Q1 was very tricky; many PQs didn’t like it at all! They admitted that they struggled to make enough points for Diamond Ltd.

Few moans as this was pretty standard P7 fare. Students expect this one to be tough. The March paper was deemed ‘do-able’ for many. Q5 on going concern was the ‘hard question’ for some, although Q2 was the problem for others. Where did you struggle?

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