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ACCA March exams - first two days

09 March 2016

It appears F8 sitters disagreed which was the hardest question on the paper – so, was it Q3, Q4, Q5 or Q6? All were mentioned as the ‘hardest’.

ACCA students also seem have an new skill to master - remembering how they answered the MCQs! One candidate admitted to being worried about leaving the hall with their answers, as they wondered if invigilators may think they walked in with the answers too! The order of answers is another hot topic online. PQs are apparently concerned if there are too many of the same letters in their answers (this time it was C), or in a row. “I have changed one in the exam and now regret it,” explained one PQ.

Several P7 sitters admitted to spending too much time on Q1 this spring. Many resitting the exam claimed the March test was much harder than December. Time management issues were mentioned by many as the big challenge of this paper. As one sitter put it: “I just didn’t have time to write quality answers.”

The biggest complaint of F7 sitters was the amount of work they needed to do to get just four marks in Q1. One sitter claimed they had spent half an hour “to get four bloody marks”.

The key feedback about the P2 exams was the confusing nature of the paper. “There were too many things to consider,” explained one sitter.

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