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The road ahead

Hays’ Karen Young explains the options facing newly qualified accountants

The workplace: get yourself connected

Never underestimate the importance of networking – it could be the making of you, says a new report

The workplace: how get to the top

Clare Needham offers five tips for getting to the top – while retaining your human qualities

Age is no barrier

We spoke to Jasmine Brook, just 22 but already qualified. She works for Wellers Accountants as a supervisor

In praise of internal auditing

Paul Clutton discusses the benefits of a rewarding career in internal audit

Record number of women promoted by Big 4 firms

PwC now has more women equity partners than any other accountancy firm, after announcing a record number of new partner promotions.

Hit the ground running

Karen Young discusses the skills newly qualified accountants need in order to develop their careers

The workplace: what do employers want?

LSBF and GAAPweb discover what accounting employers want from PQs

Daydream believer: top accountant, top author

Anna Belfrage combines her job as CFO of Bejer Electronics with a successful writing career. She tells PQ how she does it

What makes a PQ of the year?

PQ magazine editor Graham Hambly visited our current champion at work to find out what makes him so special

Harnessing the power of social media

Karen Young suggests five ways you can make social media work for you when you are looking for a new job

Gender pay gap just gets wider

What is the difference between a male and female chartered accountant? According to the latest ICAEW salary survey, around £50,000 in pay!

Profile: Vini Aujila

PQ spoke to Vini Aujla, co-founder of Vini & Bal’s Indian curry sauces business, about her time as a PQ and her career to date

Remuneration: Benefits matter

Don’t overlook the value of company benefits and development opportunities, says Karen Young

The workplace: tackling depression

More than 90% of people believe that admitting to a mental health condition could damage their career prospects.

Working experience changes for AATs

AAT moves from measuring hours to skills gained

Get a flying start

PwC and Nottingham Business School launch a new quick route to qualification

A call for help

More and more accountants asking for help over mental health issues

Time to work agile!

Deloitte has launched a new approach to agile working, find out how it works

Time to network

Are you fully connected with the business world? What should you be doing?

Graduates are in demand

Big 4 firm PwC has announced it is taking on a record number of graduates this year.

Does work stress you?

Stressed and overweight is how many ICAEW members feel going into 2014, according to the CABA’s second annual Wellbeing Survey.

Getting qualified: how much again?

We revisit the thorny question of the cost of getting qualified. PQ editor Graham Hambly reports

Gearing up for growth

Employers are competing fiercely to secure the services of a small pool of PQs who are looking to move jobs, says Mark Sheldon

The workplace: have a life, get a job!

We know that employers are increasingly using Facebook to screen job applicants and weed out candidates they deem to have ‘undesirable’ traits. However, a new study from North Carolina State University shows that many firms have a fundamental misunderstanding of online behaviour and, as a result, may be eliminating desirable job candidates.

How much?

What will it cost you to get your accountancy qualification?

The workplace: the ‘red sneaker’ effect

Accountants are known, rightly or wrongly, for their conformity when it comes to business dress.

How to cope with life after exams

Karen Young, Director at Hays Accountancy & Finance offers advice on career planning

Workplace: best job in the world

If you want the best job in the world you can relax – you are doing it!

Have you got the right DNA?

Karen Young discusses the findings of the Hays ‘DNA of an FD’ report

Normal service to resume in 2014

Next year should see a “marked return to normality” in the jobs market, according to Lisa Dendle, MD of top recruitment consultants Walker Dendle.

ICAEW concerns over its appeal to women

ICAEW President Martyn Jones has admitted he is worried that the ICAEW qualification is not as attractive to women as it is to men.

Gender pay gap widens

The pay gap between male and female accountants will increase by an average of £1,000 a year for the first 10 years of your career, says new research.

Jobs market round table

PQ put three of the UK’s leading recruitment consultants into one room and asked them about the PQ market place. Here’s what they had to say

A talent mismatch

Hays’ Karen Young highlights some of the findings from the Hays Global Skills Index 2013

Star makers

Tony Stevens explains how you can sell yourself at the interview stage

Temping to the top

Recruitment expert Karen Young outlines the pros and cons of temping

Time to move up

For many, getting a pass will open up new avenues of opportunity. Karen Young, above, has some advice on how to plan your career

The Nationwide: it’s good to share

Shared services are the order of the day at Nationwide Building Society, as the mutual seeks to re-model itself

Top tips for the top table

The BBC’s CFO, Zarin Patel, was one of the star speakers at the ICAEW’s recent prizegiving ceremony. Here’s her five tips to help you get to the top

The workplace: Are you working harder?

Accountants are now working longer hours than they were two years ago, according to the latest Robert Walters Career Lifestyle Survey. The survey found that one in four (26%) accountants now work more than 50 hours a week, compared with 20% in 2011.

Time to be an innovator

Any budding CFO needs to add a new skill set to their ever-expanding repertoire – that of ‘innovation catalyst’.

Apprenticeships to change the world

CIMA unveils higher apprenticeship in management accounting

The workplace: coming out

Can you be openly gay accountant?

Coping with addiction

CABA’s Wendy Saunders explains how and where you can get help and support if you – or someone close to you – is troubled by addiction

Think finance 'super-hub'

The future of finance is ‘super hub’ cities that pull in the world’s best young finance and accounting talent, says a new ACCA report.

Pressure on finance function

The finance function is under pressure to change.

The fame game

Are today's recruits more interested in the X factor than skill factors?

Fast-track to qualification

KMPG has created a fast track to the ACA qualification - you can be nearly qualified in just one year

Pay gap narrowing

Women still earn less than their male ICAEW equivalent - but not by much now!

Online competence checklist for ACCA PQs

The ACCA has published an interactive checklist of competencies

Do you know where your CV is?

Lisa Dendle warns of the potential dangers of posting your CV online

Body language speaks volumes

According to the research we carried out for 2013 Page Personnel Finance Salary Survey, 31% of hiring managers think that ‘the right attitude to work’ is the biggest factor that job seekers today tend to lack at interview. So what is the ‘right’ attitude and how do you go about demonstrating that you have it?

The future of finance

PQ magazine takes a look at the Hays accountancy and finance market overview and salary guide 2013

The last taboo?

Gay staff need to be given the freedom to ‘be themselves’, said KPMG’s senior partner Simon Collins at the recent launch of advocacy group Outonthestreet.org in London. He claimed that old-fashioned attitudes towards gay staff were still prevalent in the financial services industry.

Gender politics: In the boardroom

All executive search firms are being urged by the Business Secretary Vince Cable to publish the numbers of men and women they place in senior positions. This emphasis on transparency will help highlight those firms that are going the extra mile to find high-calibre female candidates and tackle gender imbalance in UK companies.

How to make a great impression

Our latest 2013 salary survey shows that almost one in 10 hiring managers think interview technique is the skill most job seekers tend to lack. Our top tips here will help you buck the trend.

Employer survey: Swings & roundabouts

PQ magazine takes an in-depth look at what part qualifieds want from an ideal employer

What PQs want

PQ readers just want employers to understand a bit more

Never too old to be a PQ

The perception that all accountancy students are graduates who leave university and begin training should be ditched, according to the figures compiled by the Professional Oversight Board.

The cream of the crop

Kelly Bridge is Reed’s very own PQ of the Year. We asked her about her life and her road to success

Evaluating a job offer

Your search could be over; you’ve applied to jobs to within an inch of your life, gone through the interview process, outperformed the other candidates and now the hiring manager is offering you the role.

Around the regions: Northern Ireland

Nicola McCallum highlights the areas of opportunity for PQs in the province

Social media: use to your advantage

Giles McIntyre reports on the influence Facebook and the like has on prospective employers

The office: How to beat the afternoon slump

We all know that time after lunch when your desk starts to resemble a feather pillow and, as your vision blurs and your eyelids droop, you notice the office collectively falling into a lull. But duty calls: you’ve got reports to write, calls to make and other things (deemed important enough that you’ve written them on a Post-it Note) to do.

Fast-track your career

So how are you planning to get ahead in your career? The latest report from CIMA and the AICPA (with a little help from Hays) points out you can rely on good old-fashioned luck, or simply use the hope-and-pray method.

CIMA PQ salary survey

PQ magazine casts an eye over the institute’s salary survey for 2012

Can you avoid Catch-22?

PQ editor Graham Hambly steers you in the right direction when it comes to matching your work experience with your exam success

The art of the presentation

Around the regions: London

Dominic Morton assesses the jobs market for PQs in the capital

A matter of confidence

The results from the latest PQ magazine recruitment consultancy survey are in. So how have things changed in the year since we last conducted a survey on your attitudes to recruitment consultants?

Creating PQs with true grit

So why have Big 4 giants KPMG and Deloitte joined forces with the Chartered Accountants’ Benevolent Association? To create tougher PQs, that’s why!

Getting the balance right

FTSE 100 firms should be aiming for a minimum of 25% female board representation by 2015 and the FTSE 350 should be setting their own challenging targets, according to review by Lord Davies in February. October’s six-month progress report revealed 61% of the 100 FTSE companies have responded to the Davies review, acknowledging that gender diversity is an issue, with 33 setting themselves targets for the percentage of women they aim to have on their boards.

Looking for the positives

If you had an excellent interview but didn’t get the job it doesn’t necessarily mean you weren’t good enough and should set your sights lower.

Around the regions: Scotland

So what are job opportunities like for trainee accountants in Scotland? Roddy Adair has some good news

Creating a cover letter to get you noticed

First things first, have you properly read the selection criteria for the job you’re applying for? If you haven’t taken the time to read the criteria, you may miss something, or address something that’s irrelevant to the job.

Around the regions: Essex & East Anglia

So what are job prospects like for accountants in the east of England? Rupinder Sagar reveals all

An ethical dilemma: performance issues

This month’s CCAB case study deals with staff performance issues

The workplace: spreadsheet skills

Improving your IT and spreadsheet skills can give you the edge over rival job-hunters, says James Brent

Have you developed job hunting bad habits?

If you’ve been involved in a long job hunt you can easily develop unproductive an routine. So check that you haven’t fallen into these seven common bad habits…

Around the regions: West Midlands

Latest salary guide figures from Hays show that pay for part qualified accountants in the Midlands has remained steady over the past year.

The workplace: Perfect your people skills

Soft skills are vital and should not be neglected, says James Brent

Polish your CV

We explore what employers and recruiters look for in a CV

The workplace: Interview checklist

Just like exams, preparation is everything when it comes to that interview, says James Brent

The merits of mentoring

As you progress through the stages of your professional qualification you will find there are times when you could use a bit of advice or guidance on the best way to tackle new problems, or make the most of the opportunities available.

The workplace: Making presentations

Making a presentation to prospective employers need not be an ordeal so think positively, says James Brent

Could Facebook stop you getting hired?

The web now plays a huge role in the recruitment process for both employers and for candidates. With the increasing popularity of online CV searches, digital portfolios and online job boards, the recruitment process has firmly shifted into the online domain.

Change brings challenges and opportunities

James Brent looks at how the skills and qualities sought after in PQs and finalists have been changing as the UK economy recovers. And who is likely to be actively recruiting over the remainder of the year?

Jobs focus: the North West

In the first of a new series on the UK’s jobs market Kelly Lightfoot analyses what’s happening in the North West

Recruitment consultants: a survey

Walker Dendle’s Kelsie Bufton explains how to get the most out of your recruitment consultant

Seven job hunting bad habits you should quit

If you’re currently job hunting, check that you haven’t fallen into these seven common bad habits...

Do all of us lie on our CVs?

Be careful what you put on your CV. Truth will out!

In the round

PQ magazine got together with some students at top recruitment consultancy Walker Dendle’s HQ to get their thoughts on how they see 2012 panning out. PQ editor Graham Hambly was on hand to scribble some notes

In with the new

New year, new job: we outline what you need to be doing to progess your career in 2012

After exam success

Passing exams is only the first stage of a career in accountancy and finance. James Brent offers some advice on how professionals can plan and influence their career

Creating a career plan

This is a good time of year to take stock of your career, and start planning a long-term strategy

Large firm or SME?

James Brent of Hays Accountancy & Finance offers advice for PQs having to choose between roles in a small or large organisation

Careers roundtable part 2

PQ magazine talks to the top consultants about the state of the job market and what you need to do to get ahead. Our panellists see thousands of CVs each year and talk to hundreds of employers. We asked them for an honest assessment – we know that is what you want

Careers: I love my job

Enjoying your work is vital – think of all the time and effort you put into it! So find a role you really love, and you’ll find your career will take off

Your brand: how to manage your career

Hays Accountancy & Finance’s Mark Sheldon highlights the importance of taking control of your career

Temporary workers: who’s in control?

David Wilson explains how a recent VAT Tribunal ruling has altered the landscape

Interview technique: Brush up your skills

With your new professional qualification safely under your belt – or your results perhaps still en route by post – we understand that your focus will now shift to finding better and brighter job opportunities.

Market report: from public to private

James Priestley of Hays offers advice on how professionals can move from the public to the private sector

Is there life after exams?

We outline the steps you can take to further your career if you don’t – for whatever reasons – get the exam results you wanted

Market report: retail on a roll

James Priestley, UK Head of Part Qualified recruitment at Hays Accountancy and Finance, provides candidates with an update on PQ demand in the labour market

People skills make accountants count

Excellent technical qualifications and a well-presented CV may be enough to get you noticed by potential employers, but won’t be enough to keep their attention for long if the rest of your skills set doesn’t measure up

Careers clinic: I need some Sage advice

Lisa Dendle of recruiter Walker Dendle tackles your workplace problems and issues. Here she offers advice about accounting software

Bribery Act: stay on the right side of the law

The all-new Bribery Act reforms the criminal law to provide a modern and comprehensive scheme of bribery offences that will enable courts and prosecutors to respond more effectively to bribery at home or abroad.

Two heads are better than one

Our guest editor this month, Lisa Dendle, pictured above at work, explains how the job market works and how to best utilise the services of a recruitment consultant

Time to cash in

The economic outlook may remain uncertain – but part qualifieds are already out of the starting blocks, says Hays Accountancy & Finance

Talkin’ ‘bout my generation

A survey from the Association has revealed the truth about the so-called ‘Generation Y’ – the under 30s who are beginning to move up the career ladder into positions of importance. Do you recognise yourself here?

The workplace: women on board

Companies need to redouble their efforts to exploit the best talent available for the boardroom, irrespective of gender or background, the ACCA says in its response to Lord Davies’ recent report, Women on Boards.

Immigration noticeboard

Genuine students should have nothing to fear from imminent changes to immigration rules, says Dak Patel

The workplace: the importance of networking

Geoff Collings, director at Hays Accountancy & Finance, outlines how networking can further your career

A bad career choice?

In our last issue we published a letter from a ‘disillusioned CIMA PQ’, who seemed to be regretting his career choice. We’ve reprinted parts of his letter here, along with a response from PQ Agony Aunt Lisa Dendle

Women on top

We spoke to two women who’ve made it in accountancy about who they are and how they achieved success

Love the sound of breaking glass

CIMA’s new campaign aims to help ‘progress’ female members into leadership roles. Graham Hambly reports

Just who are recruitment consultants working for?

Recruitment consultants need to do more to inspire confidence, say PQs in our latest survey.

Why temping works

Keval Patel looks at the many advantages temping offers, including the opportunity to get a wide range of experience and contacts

Inequality rules

Female CIMA members need help if they are to close the gender pay gap that exists around the world, according to CIMA.

An Inspector Calls

Our guest editor, Heather Miller, spoke, to Dave Clifford, a bike-mad CTA student about his studies, interests and career to date

Life at Deloitte

Jemma Hill, 22, is an indirect tax associate based in London. She has a degree in Accounting & Finance from London South Bank University.

ISS adopts ‘grow-your-own’ philosophy

All good football clubs have their own academies where they train their recruits, by careful nurturing, to be the best team players.

time to shine

The search has begun for nominations for the PQ Awards 2011. Shouldn’t you be there?

where are we going?

So what’s the job market going to look like in six months’ time? We asked our experts for their opinions

State of the market

So what is the state of the UK jobs market for PQs? Hear what our virtual round table experts had to say

so do accountants have personality?

There’s no doubt that AAT Francesca Harper, PQ magazine’s current Personality of the Year, is everything we believe in. A PQ, a human being – and great fun!

Location, location, location

Think about the regions if you want to get ahead in accountancy, says top firm Ernst & Young. It stressed recently that this year’s graduates need to be much more flexible about where they work and must look beyond the major capital cities for opportunities.

Leadership – Walking the walk

Leadership has a massive role to play on the road to recovery, says management guru Rene Carayol. For him leadership is all about attitude and behaviour.

Mum’s the word…

Abby-lee Widger, recently crowned PQ of the Year AT our awards, describes in her own words her life, loves, career and hopes for the future

The CFO – Your Time Has Come

The role of the CFO is now paramount to a company’s success. So we take a look at a recent ACCA report that outlines how finance departments are taking the lead

Posh Kids Only Need Apply

So how do the professional bodies react to the accusations that accountancy is an elitist profession?

Gay Friendly Employers

Gay rights organisation Stonewall has published its list of leading gay-friendly employers – and Ernst & Young has made it into the top three.

Glass ceilings – a PQ magazine update

Disengagement from career and the workplace during career breaks, to have children or undertake other caring responsibilities, is a major challenge to retaining women in the profession, says the ICAEW.

Gender pay gap – just got bigger

The good news first: The pay gap between male and female accountants under 30 appears to be narrowing, now the bad news: the opposite is the case for those over 45s.

PwC Email

An ex-PwC employee has a rant over the company email system.

The world according to CIMA PQs

What were the main findings of CIMAs first-ever global salary survey of its PQs?


ACCA UK director Wyn Mears says it how he sees it

What leaders really do

Most organisations are over-managed and under-led, said Jeff Grout, the star speaker at a recent CIMA Training and Development Conference.

Surely one charter is enough...?

You would think that after all the hard work that goes into gaining that all-important accountancy qualification you would have reached the pinnacle of professional status. But in today's tighter jobs market, is one set of professional letters after your name enough?

Heart of the north

Manchester is the UK's fastest growing city – and a very good place to be a PQ, writes Warren Hindle

Bounce back from redundancy

Unemployment has stormed past the two million mark in the UK and 49% of British finance workers feel 'less confident' about job security than a year ago – we are in a new economic era.

The state we're in...

There are a lot of mixed messages out there about what the UK jobs market is like for newly qualifieds. So we thought we would get the experts in to find out what is really going on

Striking out

Lin Diaby is a local government accountant with a difference – she's one of only 46 women to ever row across the Atlantic.

Flying high

Meet the extraordinary Mark Wong, filmmaker, actor, Big 4 accountant – and our new PQ of the Year

Coping with change at work

Nobody likes change, but with the economy taking a nosedive companies are tightening their belts and making organisational changes to survive the downturn.

Value of the Brand

PQ magazine recently dropped in on the ACCA's new CEO, Helen Brand, to find out how she was getting on.

Working in Birmingham

Despite the economic downturn, Britain's second city is full of opportunities for the ambitious PQ, writes Daniel Saunders of Michael Page Finance.

Face to Facebook

Social networking websites and the workplace

The workplace: what not to wear

Should you worry about what you wear to work?

A modern view of audit

John Griffith-Jones co-chairman of KPMG Europe outlined his modern view of audit at the recent ICAS Aileen Beattie memorial Lecturer

Finger on the button

Nintendo UK finance director Tom Pearce tells all

Money isn't everything

What you get paid each month is very important, but it shouldn't be the only thing that helps decide about a new job

Practical Experience

What do CIMAs need to do to get their practical experience up to date?

Visit our Careers Section

and get yourself on the right track for your future moves ...

Who you gonna call?

We drop in on the forensic and dispute services department at Deloitte

Simply the best

Following KPMG's placement at number one in the Sunday Times list of the best big companies to work for, we thought we'd find out why they won

A sporting chance

Accountant Paul Rawnsley speaks to PQ Magazine about the world of finance behind football

What's in a name?

We look at the rise of glamorous and inventive roles for accountants

Flying high

Want the job of your dreams? Witan Jardine's recent 'Leaders of Tomorrow' event was designed to get you where you want to be.

Follow the leader

Becoming a proficient accountant is only part of your training. Learn the art of leadership. Phil Attenborough reports

No accounting for age

Does age really matter these days? We don't think so. Gwen Cheeseman spoke to the oldest and youngest CIMA PQs from the Midlands to qualify last summer

Local hero

What drives an AAT and CIPFA qualified to the very top at the tender age of 35? Heidi Early went to Croydon to talk to Nathan Elvery and find out


Zoe Tindall, 33, is the finance director for the trendy restaurant chain Yo! Sushi. She is ACA qualified and her CV includes a large bank and an internet start up. She talks to PQ Magazine about raising eyebrows, taking risks and whether she has ever lied about being an accountant...

The snake charmer

Karan Bilimoria CBE says his accountancy training played a big part in building his empire

Different strokes

Firms are increasingly looking to create an 'inclusive culture' in the office – in other words, everyone's welcome!

20 Temping things

Ever considered working as a temp? If not, why not? Temping has much going for it, says Lisa Dendle.

Sourcing a job

Finding a new job is a job in itself. All career moves need a great deal of thought if they are to be successful. Consider your plan of action carefully.

Any company's strongest asset – you!

Reg Bettridge's ludicrous CV has become legendary. Make sure you don't make the same mistakes.

The perfect CV

A good CV is simply one that gets you an interview for the job you want. It should document your experiences and qualifications giving a good first impression of you and your skills.

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