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Is a robot taking your job?

13 October 2016

More than a quarter of jobs in the business services sector are at high risk of automation in the next 20 years, says a new report from Deloitte.

The Big 4 firm suggests that automation will be seen as the answer to rising cost of labour. These rising costs are also happening at a time when the cost of technology is falling.

Deloitte says 800,000 (25%) to 1m (31%) of 3.3m business service jobs have a high chance of being automated.

The only good news is these figures are lower than the national total (36%), highlighting that the business services sector is less exposed than other areas of the UK economy.

Partner Simon Barnes explained: “We expect the pace of automation to increase exponentially over the next few decades. Business services companies need to consider the full potential of intelligent automation, both as a way of improving operational efficiency and quality standards, and in order to innovate to remain competitive.”

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