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MDCL update…

18 April 2017

The AAT needs to provide more assurances about the marking process going forward, following the problems with the MDCL assessment, says a leading tutor.

AQ2016 sees the AAT taking on a more manual marking, with each synoptic assessment containing human marked tasks. Level 4 exams will also have human marked questions.

To provide more faith in the marking process our leading tutor said the AAT should allow some training providers to take part in a standardisation exercise, so all training providers can have confidence that the written tasks are being marked fairly.

There are also concerns over how the refunds for students who are deemed competent at the MDCL after the remarking process, announced in early April.

PQ magazine has been told that the refund will be credited to the exam centre, not the student. So students will need to liaise with the exam centre to get that money back. The AAT have also said that students will also receive a £50 goodwill gesture and it will contact students directly about this.

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