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Our 10 tips to ensuring success in the ACCA Exam Hall

01 September 2016


1) Plan your time at the beginning of the exam & stick to it Ė it is 1.95 minutes per mark (or 1.8 minutes per mark if you allocate 15 minutes to reading the paper and choosing your section B questions).

2) Donít spend too much time on numerical parts at the expense of the written parts. It is often easier to pick up marks in written questions than in complex numerical ones.

3) Remember the pass mark is 50%, so you donít need to be perfect. If you donít know something have a guess and move on.

4) Remember to plan answers to section C questions before you start writing.

5) Pay attention to verbs used in question requirements as these indicate the number of marks available. ĎExplainí requires a sentence and will score 1 mark if properly explained, whereas the verb Ďlistí simply requires you to list out information and will score 0.5 marks per point.

6) Try to use a tabular format in your solutions where relevant as the examining team have said that candidates who do this score better.

7) Keep checking the ACCA website for articles written by the examiner in the lead up to the exam, these are often tested.

8) The professional level marking team like to see that you know the rules that need to be applied. So remember to include relevant conditions and effects of certain actions.

9) When answers questions remember to write succinctly but remember the markers expect you to write in full sentences. Keep paragraphs short (3-4 sentences) and use headings and space between the paragraphs to give your answer structure.

10) Donít panic, if have put the work in you know if you are struggling so will many other people.

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