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Seeded questions & more exam flexibility

16 December 2016

The ACCA has announced from March 2017 PQs opting to sit the F5-F9 CBEs will be able to select a morning or afternoon exam sitting.

This means in future not all students will be taking the same exam, and it will make for much confusion on noticeboards!

ACCA students will sit different questions, just as they do with the F1 to F4 on demand CBEs.

The ACCA has said that it will be using industry-standard techniques to make sure all students sit Ďa secure and equivalent examí.

The exam duration is also being increased to three hours 20 minutes. There will also be up to 10 minutes available to read the exam instructions, as the ACCA plans to introduce additional questions to the session CBEs.

Student will from March be sitting seeded questions, which will not count towards the studentís overall results. ACCA explained that these seeded questions have been added to ensure all exams are fair and equal.

So, from March the CBEs will contain 110 marks of exam content. Some 100 marks will contribute to the studentís results and 10 marks will be seeded and will not be counted.

The 10 seeded marks will be either randomly distributed within section A, five single OT questions, or within section B, again five OT questions based around a single scenario. The ACCA stated that students will not know which questions are the seeded one.

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