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Students want to petition ACCA over P5

10 March 2016

ACCA P5 exam sitters were ‘steaming’ after the March sitting. Students found the spring test extremely time pressured, and many struggled to read and deliver what was being asked for in the allotted time. One PQ ventured it would take six hours to provide the examiner with the quality of answer he wanted. Another sitter claimed his answer booklet “looks like it was written by someone on crystal meth”. Some students are saying ‘enough is enough’, and one sitter felt the time was right to petition the ACCA with their real concerns about this paper. Many PQs seem to have got permanently stuck on this paper. The approach of tuition providers is also being questioned, as they too don’t seem to comprehend just how difficult this final level paper has become.

Meanwhile P1 sitters felt the exams were ‘OK’. Although time pressured some students felt the paper was just ‘a bit boring’. There was lots of optimism out there for the pass rates this time around.

F5 sitters found F5 pretty hard, with no written questions on ABC, throughput accounting or transfer pricing. With tricky MCQs many students said they would be happy to scrape a pass.

There have not been too many complaints about exam hall conditions to date. However, one PQ felt the exam desks in Farnborough are too small. Another complained Southampton students had to put up with a leaking roof. Luckily it did stop raining half way through.

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