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Using real life examples

02 March 2016

Using real life business examples in CIMA case study answers has been a keen debate on noticeboards.

PQ magazine decided to ask CIMA for its definitive guidance, and here it is:

"The case study sets out to simulate an organisation in which the candidate will be working. Whilst the business context will draw on a number of ‘real life’ organisations and an industry from months, perhaps years, of research, the organisation in the case study is typically a composite of several, so there is no advantage to be gained by identifying a real life business and assuming that it forms the basis of the case.

"The case study writers do not build in an expectation of real life organisations being referred to in candidate responses so there shouldn’t be an expectation that marks will be awarded for making such references.

"However, it is possible that a candidate could enhance his or her response by making reference to a real life business organisation - but only if that reference fits in to the tone and flow of the response. If it appears that the candidate is simply shoe-horning knowledge about a business into an answer, simply to ‘show off’ that knowledge, it would earn no extra marks. At worst, it could appear incongruous and might jeopardise the candidate’s chances of earning integration marks.

"In short, there are many, many more passing scripts which don’t make any reference to real life business organisations than scripts which do."

Hope that helps!

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