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Your CIMA study hour guide

28 September 2016

CIMA has set out just how many hours you need to put in to pass the OTs.

If you want to pass P1, for instance, you need to put in 150 hours over 13 weeks. E1 takes slightly less at 134 hours over the same 13 weeks.

The institute has even broken it down each paper into the subject areas.

CIMA’s director of learning, Peter Stewart, stressed although the times may look daunting it needs to be pointed out that each is a full ‘belt and braces’ coverage of the syllabus. He stressed: “Many students will have awareness of, or even mastered, some of the topics within each subject.”

He said the guides should also be useful to students who have been on structured courses, yet struggled with the exams.

Stewart said: “I hear from students that they feel prepared because they are very familiar and comfortable with the content of the OT practice banks published by our learning partners. This doesn’t always equate to mastery of the topic at the verb levels of ‘analysis’ and ‘evaluation’.”

* Nothing quite as structured for the case study exams exist currently. Would you like CIMA to provide a study time guide?

So how much do you need to study (the maximum)?
E1 134 hours - 13 weeks; P1 150 hours – 13 weeks; F1 150 hours – 13 weeks; E2 135 hours – 12 weeks; P2 150 hours – 13 weeks; F2 143 hours – 9 weeks; E3 135 hours – 12 weeks; P3 150 hours – 14 weeks; F3 135 hours – 12 weeks

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